Getting Started with AI Realty Suite

Welcome to AI Realty Suite!

Embark on your journey with AI Realty Suite. This guide will help you seamlessly add properties to your account and create your first AI-generated request. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Navigating the Dashboard

After signing into our app (click here for the login page), you'll be greeted by the dashboard – your command center. Here, you'll find crucial insights at a glance, like your available token count and the total properties you’ve added to our platform.

Dashboard Overview

Step 2: Adding Your First Property

The journey to AI-enhanced real estate begins with adding your first property. Here’s how:

On the left side of your screen, you'll find our navigation bar. Click on the 'Manage Properties' tab.
Initially, this section might look empty since it’s your first time. But no worries, you’ll soon fill it with your listings. Notice the two main options here:

Create Property: This option lets you manually enter details for a new property. It's a step-by-step process, guiding you to provide information that our AI tools will later use.
Import Properties: If you already have a list of properties, use this feature to upload them in bulk via a CSV file. Need help with CSV format? Reach out to us for assistance.

Choose the method that suits you best. Remember, the more details you provide, the more refined our AI's output will be.

Step 3: Unleashing AI Power

Kudos on setting up your first property! Now, let's dive into the exciting part: generating your first AI request.

In this step, we'll explore how to create an AI-generated listing description.

Head back to the navigation bar on the left and select 'Generate Listing Description'.

Choose the property for which you need a listing description and click 'Submit'. It's that simple!

The AI will now take over, crafting a unique and compelling description for your property. You'll be redirected to a page where the results will be displayed shortly – a blend of technology and creativity at your fingertips!

Step 4. Next Steps

You've now mastered the basics of AI Realty Suite! But wait, there's so much more to explore. Let's dive into what's next:

Explore Our AI Features

Our platform offers a variety of AI-driven tools designed to streamline your real estate business. From generating market analysis reports to creating engaging social media posts, each feature is crafted to enhance your productivity. Don’t forget to check out our virtual staging tool that transforms empty rooms into beautifully furnished spaces with just a click!

Customize with Creative Instructions

Our AI is versatile and responds to your unique needs. Try giving custom instructions to fine-tune its output. For instance, you can request:

  • "Optimize this listing for Facebook ads."
  • "Create a Twitter-friendly teaser for this property."
  • "Develop an email campaign theme for luxury condos."
Experiment with different styles and formats to discover what works best for your audience!

We're Here to Listen

Your feedback fuels our innovation. If you have any ideas, requests, or suggestions on how we can make your life easier and solve your problems more efficiently, we're all ears. Contact us anytime – your insights help us evolve and better serve your needs. Together, let's redefine the future of real estate marketing with AI!
Reach out to us today!

Remember, AI Realty Suite is more than just a tool; it's your partner in navigating the dynamic world of real estate. Embrace these next steps, and let's create something extraordinary!